At PhoneSheet, security is our top priority because we know what security means to our users. We never forget the responsibility we have for keeping your information private.
PhoneSheet has hired a team of Internet security specialists who have spent the last decade building security protocols and robust systems for various online businesses including large financial service firms. Our security team dedicates itself to providing optimum security assurances to our subscribers.
Should you have any specific questions regarding our security setup, we invite you to email us at or to visit us in our Online Community and post questions for technical support staff.
  Security Measures

All PhoneSheet data is

encrypted and then transmitted though HTTPS (not HTTP) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connections.

Data is stored in password protected databases, housed on the most secure of servers.
PhoneSheet servers are mirrored locally for high availability and replicated to backup servers in a separate location in the case of a physical catastrophe.